Holistic Therapies


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Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology has the ability to bring about harmony, relaxation, wellness and balance thus awakening the immune system. This technique reaches out to people of all ages.

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Deep Breath Therapy

A combination of various massage techniques is implemented. It is an integrated method of restoration that will lead you to well-being and will relieve you from the tensions of the body and the mind.

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Energizing Spa

Traditional methods meet modern techniques…
Inspired by innovative findings in stem cell extract research from the BABOR research and innovation center, the BABOR SPA skincare products combine knowledge of the primal power of centuries-old plants with new, modern findings in stem cell research.
Select active ingredients, paired with exclusive fragrances to enhance well-being, address a wide range of customer wishes and needs, making the products in the BABOR SPA series a holistic, luxurious spa experience for the body, mind, and soul

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Body Contour Spa

An authentic treatment created from well-blended rice extract and lemon oil, known to combat cellulite. Refined with patchouli oil to stimulate skin cell regeneration.

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White Baltic Gold Wellness and Shape

A snow white mineral formed over 60 million years ago found in the Baltic island of Rugia. It contains calcite and rare micro-organism. When applied the micro-organism brings about a strong shift in the pH in the skin which promotes metabolism to help skin regeneration.

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