Facial Treatments


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Santorini Olive Oil Treatment

A relaxing trip for sensitive skins after a sunny day. Olive oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, moisturizing the skin. Still, it acts as an anti-aging, giving glow to your face.book-1hour 75€

Rejuvance The Natural Face Lifting

Rejuvance.the natural face lifting The alternative view of beauty. Α personalized facial massage which refreshes the skin, softens wringles, and the signs of age, corrects the contour giving a sense of natural facelift. it’s only fair to share
Book – 1 hour 70€

After Sun Face Treatment

A soothing face mask will be applied to increase the moisture of your skin,calming the rash from the sunburn.

book-40min 60€

Quick Mask

Cleansing with rose water and applying the appropriate mask on your face depending on its needs.
Book – 20min 45€


A combination of Marine Hyalouronic Acid Molecules and Marine Silicium to correct all signs of aging. The Hyalouronic mask along with the self- heating sculpting mask fill deep wrinkles and reshape the face. Precise wrinkle control and lifting massage techniques allow the skin to regain its youth. After just one treatment wrinkles have diminished and the skin is rested, lifted and firmed.
Book – 1 hour 100€

Massage Therapy With Vitamine E

Vitamin E has a strong antioxidant effect,which protects and refreshes the defense of the skin.
book -1 hour 80€

Caviar Exclusive Face Treatment

Caviar is a discovery of modern cosmetology.Contains EPA and DHA proteins,which are important for skin rejuvenation.
Book – 1 hour 140€

Organic Herbal Face Treatment

A purely natural skin-care concept to achieve a perfect harmony of ourselves with nature. A unique holistic skin care combining the knowledge of the use of native American plants in traditional medicine with the German scientific know-how. To improve skin condition effectively, protects against stress, induced skin irritations, stimulates and strengthens skin function naturally, rejuvenates demanding skin, boosts skin elasticity through collagen synthesis ,protects skin against free radicals, moisturizes intensively.
Book – 1 hour 80€